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Digital&Dead, 2017 exhibition view, Florence Trust, London

WED 21 FEB 2018


Join curator Samantha Lippett and artist duo Rachel McRae and Sarah Derat for an evening of discussion on dying in the digital age.

The event will consider recent psychosocial shifts in our relationship with death following the growth of digital communication and social media. Inspired by the recent development of memorial websites and the ‘Facebook graveyard’, participants are also invited to consider their own digital legacies through a demonstration of the duo’s recent Augmented Reality work Digital&Dead (2017), as well as a part-screening of the award winning Revisiting Genesis (2016) by artist Oreet Ashery. Has the algorithm made us eternal, or undead and what is the appropriate way to memorialise the deceased, post-body, in an age after the Internet?


To book email mail@southlondongallery.org or call 020 7703 6120, the box office is open 11am-6pm, Tuesday-Sunday and 11am-9pm on Wednesdays.

Digital&Dead is supported using public funding by the Arts Council of England, the Canada Council for the Arts and made with the support of Cereproc.


Digital&Dead is a collaborative project, started in 2016, produced by artists Sarah Derat and Rachel McRae. Their work together draws from shared interests in the complex overlap(s) between the lived experience and our online lives, between our biological perceptive functions and our ghost-like avatars. Digital&Dead reconsiders the idea of the ‘haunt’ in an age of wireless signal, using Augmented Reality technology and data culled from social media accounts to create floating ‘in-between’ spaces.

Samantha Lippett is a curator and arts educator, with a practice rooted in interdisciplinary research and with the aim to produce meaningful connections between arts and health. She has lectured widely on maternal censorship, childbirth and most recently, ‘death anxiety’ and has curated projects at The Womens Art Library, Chisenhale Art Place and Deptford Cinema, amongst others. Her current research speculates over the future of healthcare in light of the UK’s NHS crisis.

Image: Digital&Dead, 2017 exhibition view, Florence Trust, London