Tue Greenfort

Tue Greenfort

The World Model, from Limits to Growth, Donella H Meadows, Dennis L Meadows, Jørgen Randers, William W Behrens III, Pan Books Ltd, London and Sydney, 1974

Tue Greenfort: Where the People Will Go

15 Jul - 11 Sep 2011


Where the People Will Go presents new and existing works by Tue Greenfort responding to the SLG’s history and architecture, its changing role within its local context and its relationship with neighbouring Sceaux Gardens housing estate.

The exhibition builds on the artist’s work over the past ten years, as well as ideas he began to explore when he made a site-specific work for the 2009 group show at the SLG, Beyond These Walls. Greenfort created a direct route from the estate to the gallery, shifting the physical relationship between the two locations and making access between the gallery and the estate possible in a new way. The entrance has been re-activated as one of many elements within the exhibition which draws on themes related to environmentalism, the Commons and political ecology.

Download Tue Greenfort: Where the People Will Go exhibition guide here


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