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Publishers’ Table

Since April 2015 the SLG shop has been collaborating with a selection of independent publishers to highlight the rich and diverse range of publishing today. For one week of each month, a new publisher presents a curated selection of publications on the shop table.

KIOSK,  24 – 29 OCTOBER 2017

Kiosk is a London based independent publisher with a focus on self-published zines and artist books by emerging creatives. It is a platform designed to give a voice to emerging artists, illustrators, and designers by promoting their work and collaborating with them to produce publications.

Kiosk is run solely by graphic designer, Nick Greenbank who also curates the irregularly scheduled Kiosk Independent Publishers Fair. Nick works very personally with artists to produce the works published by Kiosk and often plays a main role in the design and editing of a publication. This has lead him to starting his own design studio, Pavilion, an offshoot of Kiosk.
k-i-o-s-k.com @kioskbooks


Image: Squashy Vibes, Kiosk, Nick Greenbank.