Sunday Spot workshop led by Aldean Blair, 2017. Photo: Zoe Tynan-Campbell

The South London Gallery’s ambitious education programme invites people of all ages and levels of interest to engage with contemporary art and to reflect on the role of culture in everyday life.

The programme has its foundations in the gallery’s local communities through a number of inter-linked strands ranging from Open Plan, a long-term public art and education project across three housing estates, to a free and inclusive artist-led schools programme, as well as a weekly young people’s group, Art Assassins, and a long-term project with children looked after by Southwark social services.

As a school or community group you can access the SLG’s artist-led projects inspired by exhibitions, or get in touch to talk to us about a longer term partnership project. If you’re aged between 14 – 21 years the Art Assassins group meet every Tuesday to engage, create and collaborate with artists, designers, filmmakers, performers and curators.

The SLG’s ongoing artist-led schools’ programme offers bespoke workshops for each exhibitions, and weekly Sunday Spot family workshops welcome children and families to explore contemporary art.

Longer-term projects aim to try to broaden access to the arts by challenging the assumptions of who art is for, as well as offering a social space for children and adults to meet, chat and play. Supersmashers is the only after-school group for looked after children aged 6-12 living in Southwark and has been running since 2012. In August 2017 the gallery also launched Art Block, a free creative space on Sceaux Gardens estate for local children and families. Art Block is part of Open Plan which invites international and British artists to create artworks with and for the SLG’s close neighbours living on Elmington, Pelican and Sceaux Garden’s Estate.

The South London Gallery is an Arts Award Supporter: find out more here.