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Primary School visit main gallery

Jubilee Primary School working in Roman Ondak The Source Of Art Is In The Life Of A People.

We are working to deliver free interactive School Tours to Primary School and Early Years groups, led by the SLG team.

Tours will explore our exhibition programme, and will be tailored to the age-group of the class.

On-site tours are currently on hold due to Covid restrictions, please click here to sign-up to our newsletter to hear ongoing developments.

Primary School Tours will introduce pupils to what an art gallery is, encouraging pupils to talk about what they expect to see in a gallery and what art can be. Tour leaders will encourage pupils to look at the artwork and to explore together: how the artwork is made, what it is made of and what it is saying to us.

Tours can include a drawing activity.

If you interested in arranging a tour please email

<p>Jubilee Primary School working in Roman Ondak <em>The Source Of Art Is In The Life Of A People.</em></p>

Jubilee Primary School working in Roman Ondak The Source Of Art Is In The Life Of A People.

You made the learning fun and it was at a suitable level for their stage of development. The children have all benefited from the sessions in different ways and have really enjoyed their time with you. The adults have also enjoyed the sessions and learnt a great deal too.

Ann Bernadt Nursery School, Teacher

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<p>St John’s Primary School working with artist Nicole Morris</p>

St John’s Primary School working with artist Nicole Morris

Local schools can also apply to be partner schools, and benefit from artist-led workshops and longer term projects. Projects are developed alongside teachers to provide meaningful learning experiences for pupils, and can be linked to curriculum subjects and topics where this is appropriate. Working with an artist, classes will explore the artwork in the gallery, making their own investigation and working out what it means to them. In the studio, they work with an artist in hands-on activities, exploring different art-making processes.

With early years’ groups, we adopt a hands-on play-based approach to projects. Outside of the classroom, children explore new situations, learning how to interact with new people and spaces. Short activities encourage children to follow their curiosity and to engage in creative play.

Please get in touch to find out more about becoming a partner school.

If you are interested in working with us please contact our School and Community Projects Manager Heather Kay:

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