Parallel Universe

13-22 Mar 1998


Artists include Ansuman Biswas, Paul Wong and Liliane Karnouk.

Parallel Universe is a series of projects organised by Arts Catalyst, the art/science agency, to challenge the idea that science is the monopoly of western culture. The following events will be held at the South London Gallery from 13 to 22 March:

Artist Ansuman Biswas will present a continuous ten-day performance-installation, enclosing himself in a black box in the gallery space, to re-examine the famous quantum physics thought experiment ‘Schroedinger’s Cat’. The work is a comparative study of the 2,500 year old Indian science of ‘vipassana’ and modern scientific methodology. During the ten days, the artist will attempt to maintain close continuous observation of all physical phenomena.

A lecture/performance by Brazilian anthropologist Luis Eduardo Luna on the indigenous science of plant collecting will take place on Friday 20 March at 7pm.

A multimedia presentation by Chinese/Canadian artist Paul Wong about science and Chinese cultural taboos will take place on Saturday 21 March at 7pm.

On Sunday 22 March at 7pm there will be a performance dialogue by Egyptian artist Liliane Karnouk with molecular biologist Madan Thangavelu on art and science, reincarnation and mummification. This will be followed by a ceremony to conclude Ansuman Biswas’ performance installation.

Parallel Universe has been supported by the Arts Council of England Live Art Commissions, the National Lottery for Everyone scheme and COPUS.


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