This photo is a view of the SLG's Fox Garden, it shows bushes and plants in the foreground, a person sitting on a chair in the mid-ground and the building of the gallery in the background.

Image: Fox Garden. Photo: Andy Stagg

Sustainable development is a priority for the South London Gallery, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and increasing our audience and community’s awareness of environmental concerns.

In 2012 the SLG commissioned an energy audit, following which we developed our existing environmental policy into a detailed action plan which is revised on a yearly basis, and in 2013 building-wide environmental reporting was initiated. Amongst the SLG staff we have a Sustainability Committee which meets every two months to discuss our environmental action plans for the year, the committee is made-up of employees across all gallery departments.

Some of the sustainable actions we have already implemented include:


• We use efficient heating methods across our sites
• ecological cleaning products are used throughout the building;
• the main SLG building is naturally ventilated, there is no air-conditioning or mechanical/electrical ventilation systems;
• all timber used for exhibition and building improvements is purchased from local, London-based suppliers who are environmentally aware businesses and committed to the sustainable sourcing of timber.


• The Clore Studio features a green roof for additional insulation, water retention, and promotes biodiversity;
• the SLG Fox Garden and Orozco Garden are densely planted with year-round scented flowers which encourage local wildlife.
• some of the materials used in the Orozco Garden are reclaimed and the rain water which falls into the pools of the Orozco Garden is naturally drained and used to help water our plants, helping us to sustain the plant life while reducing our water consumption.


• Recycling is encouraged throughout the gallery.
• all SLG’s printed marketing materials are created on recycled stock, and visitors are encouraged to return gallery guides for reuse if not wanted;
• since 2013 the SLG has decreased the print run of season leaflets from 12,000 to 5,000;
• we encourage visitors to sign up for digital updates and invites through our newsletter
• SLG Open Plan reuses unwanted materials and furniture to equip the Art Block.
• we aim to reuse, recycle or repurpose as much of our event and exhibition materials.


• We use Skype or conference calls instead of travelling outside of London where possible;
• the majority of our staff travel by foot or cycle to work or take public transport
• cycle racks are situated at the front of the gallery to accommodate visitors who cycle to the SLG and Crane’s Kitchen.


• Many of our products are locally sourced and produced in London
• we also stock a number of fair trade products
• all stock returns are sent out using entirely recycled packaging
• we use no plastic bags in the shop, and offer customers easily recycled paper bags instead.