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Tracey Emin
Nice Dog - Me and Prince, 1994

Tracey Emin, Nice Dog - Me and Prince, 1976 (1994), Monoprint

Tracey Emin, Nice Dog - Me and Prince, 1976 (1994), monoprint

Tracey Emin draws upon her own personal experiences to create works that express powerful, visceral emotions concerning sexuality, mortality and the creation of meaning. These works are amongst a number of early prints in which the artist represents details from her childhood, the characteristic intense, spidery lines possess a child-like immediacy that befits the apparently innocent subjects. Monoprinting forms a significant part of Emin’s practice, in which a unique print is created in mirror image to the original drawing. The reflective quality of the process relates to the self-reflexive nature of Emin’s autobiographical practice, in which the details of her life are recorded with an unrelenting honesty.