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A blue and green and pink sprayed abstract painting.

Asking For a Friend is a new youth-led project facilitated by Writerz & Scribez and the South London Gallery, exploring the impact of friendship on our mental health.

Are you 11-15? 

We invite you to join a new youth group that will work on a series of creative projects, exploring friendship. You will also plan a fun, free event for your friends to come to later in the year.

To find out more or to join the Asking For a Friend Collective please email please email our Residents’ Programme Manager, Polly South

How adults can support:

The meetings of the newly formed collective will coincide with a series of free creative workshops, popping up around Southwark, designed for children and young people to think about their friendships. These workshops will evolve and respond to the conversations that happen in these events and conversations that are had by our newly formed Asking For a Friend Collective.

To find out more or to host one of our free workshops at your school or estate please email our Residents’ Programme Manager, Polly South

And please do share the open invitation to join the collective with any young people you feel may benefit from participating.

Funded by Impact on Urban Health.