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South by South: as british as a watermelon
Wed 27 Mar 2024
Past event

A person sits in a dark room. On the floor around them are lots of watermelons, broken up.

as british as a watermelon, 2019, by mandla and Graham Clayton-Chance

“My name is mandla. It means power. I gave it to myself.”

Writer and performer mandla has a selective memory and is scrambling to piece together a life mostly forgotten in the name of survival. Through the exploration of mandla’s fragmented asylum and migration memories, as british as a watermelon asks questions about belonging, trauma and forgiveness.

Told through an unflinching autofiction narrative weaving poetry and storytelling, set within a chaotically colourful, sensory performance space made entirely for the camera with filmmaker Graham Clayton-Chance; you are invited to watch as mandla rises from the dead to reclaim a misplaced power.

The screening will be followed by a discussion led by Black Cinema Project.

Mandla’s performance is nothing short of powerful and is incredibly captivating. One thing is certain: if you go see Mandla Rae you’ll leave the theatre a new person, one that asks questions, one that pays attention to scars, and one who vividly remembers the smell of watermelons.

Please arrive promptly for a 7pm start.


Black Cinema Project (BCP) is an evolving space bringing people together with care, to discuss Black films and the landscape they are situated within. Black Cinema Project interrogates and disrupts the current flow of watching, film exhibition and distribution.


South by South is a quarterly film screening at the South London Gallery. This programme focuses on presenting cinema from Africa and the diaspora to audiences in the UK. This South by South event is programmed by Black Cinema Project.


  • Room will be dark 
  • The film is 28 minutes long
  • Wheelchair access and accessible toilets are available at this site.
  • Please contact with any additional access requirements or questions.