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Film Africa: Three Documentary Shorts
Sat 5 Nov 2022
Past event

Two girls clap their hands and jump

Still from Ampe: Leap into the Sky, Black Girl, 2022.

This is a special Film Africa screening of three short documentaries. All shown for the first time in the UK, the films explore themes of childhood, dance, love and imagination.


This joyful ode to girlhood and innocence mirrors the playful spirit of the game from which the title is derived. Ampe, a rhythmic, high-energy game that includes jumping, clapping, and cheering as two teams select a stepping pattern and face off is a Ghanaian staple. From Accra, Ghana to Columbus, Ohio, Ampe: Leap into the Sky, Black Girl chronicles a group of girls as they retrace the steps back to their childhood selves. This charmer presents a slice of Black sisterhood and comments on the arts of home that we carry with us forever. 

 Dirs. Claudia Owusu, Ife Oluwamuyide
USA, Ghana. 2022. 25min. English, Twi, Pidgin with English Subtitles.  


Welcome to Saint-Louis! Discover this unique port city through the contemporary dance company, Diagn’art. Imaginative and lyrical, this is a dance ode inspired by all the vibrant and everyday spaces that make up Saint-Louis and that are, unfortunately, under threat of the rising ocean. 

 Dir. Kita Bauchet, Senegal. 2022. 32min. French with English Subtitles.  


In a tale of friendship between Afriyie and Alfred and a tale of love between a mother and daughter, Spirits We Dance takes viewers into an imaginative and surreal mindscape. A world sublime and yet childlike in its beauty, it is created by the characters to escape the pain of reality. Connecting with their spiritual side when they dance, the dancers are free from the restrictions their bodies and society impose. Challenging the idea that spirits are evil and menacing, two dancers find freedom when they leave reality behind and connect with the spirits of dance. 

Dir. Natalija Gormalova, Ghana. 2020. 21min. English and Twi with English Subtitles. 

This event is part of Film Africa 2022. Film Africa, London’s biggest celebration of African and African diaspora cinema presented by the Royal African Society, returns for its special 10th edition from Friday, 28 October to Sunday, 6 November 2022. Showcasing 48 titles from 16 different African countries, including 22 UK, European and World premieres, Film Africa will host screenings across 7 London venues as well as feature a selection of 7 narrative and documentary films on BFI Player.


  • Room will be dark 
  • The film is captioned. 
  • Wheelchair Access and/or Disabled Toilets are available at this site.
  • Please contact with access requirements.