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Supper Club: Magic Momo X Kitchen with Cumbers
FRI 14 JUN 2024
Past event

A plate with dumplings on it

Image courtesy Smoke & Lime

Daisy, from Magic Momo, and Joseph, from Kitchen with Cumbers, created this collaborative supper club to explore the link between Indian and Caribbean cooking in a fun and creative way.

After spending 11 years running an Indian restaurant on a small island in Thailand, Daisy came back to London with the intention of creating a concept that paid homage to both of the cuisines she was most familiar with; Thai and Indian.

Kitchen with Cumbers was born after Joseph found a new love and comfort in cooking after a devastating sports injury. Joseph has taken flavours from his Caribbean background and countries he has visited.

Magic Momo x Kitchen with Cumbers Supper Menu

Beef short rib momo-
Sweet BBQ jerk short rib momo with a fiery dipping sauce

Watermelon Ceviche, served in a Thai style seafood dressing with garlic, lime & chilli

Chickpea & sweet potato curry
Indo- caribbean curry served with flaky roti

Butter Chicken Momo

Spiced chicken momos, butter chicken sauce

Butter Tofu Momo (vegan option)

Dark Chocolate & sea salt tart with pistachio cream
(vegan dessert available on request)

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