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Supper Club: Fat Tea at South London Louie
Wed 26 Jun 2024
Past event

A chef puts the finishing touches on a dish in a kitchen

Image courtesy FAT TEA.

Ana da Costa, the creator of FAT TEA, is a cook, recipe developer and self-proclaimed hot sauce queen with a passion for Macanese, Portuguese, and Chinese cuisine. Growing up in Macau, Ana was exposed to a rich tapestry of flavours, textures, and spices, which have influenced her culinary style and inspired her to experiment with new combinations and techniques. Her innovative and flavourful dishes combine traditional ingredients and techniques with modern twists, resulting in an exciting culinary experience that has collected rave reviews and loyal fans.


Spicy Carrot Pickles (Sulphites, Sesame)
Sardine Sambal Patê, Seaweed Crackers (fish, dairy)
Salted Cod & Jellyfish Salad (fish, sesame)
Macau “Portuguese” Chicken, Jasmine Rice, Potatoes (Macanese coconut chicken curry, with
eggs, chorizo, black olives) (dairy)
Mango Sago Tres Leches Cake (dairy, gluten)


Spicy Carrot Pickles (sulphites, sesame)
Whiipped Tofu, Seaweed Crackers (Soy)
Cloud Ear Mushroom Salad (Sesame)
Aubergine curry, Jasmine Rice, Potatoes (Dairy)
Mango Sao Tres Leches Cake (Dairy, Gluten)