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Supper Club: Little Sambol at South London Louie
Fri 28 Apr 2023
Past event

Two fried balls sit on a plate with garnish. A glass of wine is on the table beside them.

Image courtesy Little Sambol.

Gabriella and Luke created Little Sambol after their passion for Sri Lankan cooking led them to hosting dinner parties and delicious foodie events.

Gabriella’s Sri Lankan-British roots inspire the dishes they create together, along with the desire to preserve and share the unique flavours of the homeland. 


Thatu Vadai spiced dal crackers served with a spicy coriander and mint sambol (v)
Cutlets jackfruit and sweet potato deep fried ‘short eat’ all the flavours of Sri Lanka rolled up into bite size balls.
Served with pickled cucumber and Little Sambo hot sauce. (v)
Aubergine Pirattal rich, spicy and tamarind sour aubergine curry served with string hoppers, a delicate steamed rice flour noodle. (v)
Lamprais black lamb curry wrapped in a banana leaf with pearl-like samba rice.
Cashew nut curry, with seeni
 sambol, a sweet caramelised onion sambol, pol sambol, a dried red chilli and coconut sambol, a crispy egg and a Tamil Nadu style cucumber pachadi to cool it all down! Vegetarian option with beetroot. (v)
Pandan & cardamom burnt cheesecake pedro ximenez cream, candied cashews (v)