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Supper Club: Polska Kitchen at South London Louie
Fri 10 Nov 2023
Past event

A cabbage leaf and tomatoes on a white plate.

Chef Pav Pawel’s Polska Kitchen grew out of that love, presenting the ingredients, flavours, and techniques that are common to Polish food in a way that is different to what people would traditionally expect.

“I want to create something that makes other people feel the way I feel about food and cooking, and specifically my grandma’s cooking in Poland, how it was always at the centre of community-building.”


Trout and beetroot Gilda, vodka
Salad of smoked herring, radish and rye
Wild mushroom ragout, barley
Pierogi with gizzards, sour cream
Crispy mother fuckin’ Pork Belly
Selection of pickles and ferments
Smoked oyster salad
Buckwheat pancakes
Pav’s hot sauce
Deep fried ice cream, wisniowka

We source our produce from ethically-minded suppliers who farm, fish and rear with the seasons. Because of this, individual ingredients are subject to change.