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Supper Club: Eat Feathers at South London Louie
THU 28 MAR 2024
Past event

A group of people sit at a dinner table, talking, eating and drinking.

Would you eat feathers?

Kera is the company that makes food from feathers.

Laam takes the authentic flavours of Thailand and reinvents them for modern dining.

Kera and Laam are collaborating on an experience that explores the future of food technology with flavours from the past.

Prepare for a 5-course dining experience that exhibits the potential of food innovation.

Please let us know if there are any dietary requirements in advance and we will do our best to accommodate. Due to the nature of our culture and menu most dishes will contain fish & crustacean along with soy & peanuts. The menu is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans (although a sustainable protein source is used).

Please note, photography and other media will be present at the event.


Kera has pioneered a method utilizing protein extracted from chicken feathers to craft a premium, meat-like product. Designed to surpass conventional protein sources in both nutrition and flavor, Kera shows how animal based protein can be more sustainable whilst tasting delicious. More protein, less wate.

This event promises to showcase Zero-waste food innovation with premium cuisine, changing perceptions of sustainable protein sources.

Instagram: @kera.protein


Laam is a supper club presenting the regional flavours of Thailand. Our aim is to provide diners with an unforgettable Thai cultural experience showcasing the very finest seasonal British produce.

Otherwise working at the renowned Thai restaurant Kolae and Somsaa , chefs Nathan Brown (Phayu) and Patarita Tassanarapan (KG) founded Laam to showcase authentic Thai flavours rarely found in the West, meals that remind them of home.

Instagram: @laam.thai