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Sensorial Wine Tasting with Wineyl
Wed 29 Mar
Past event

A man holding a glass of red wine plays a record on a turntable

Image courtesy Wineyl

W I N e Y L by Stefano Cazzato combines a lifelong passion for music and an insatiable thirst for wine. After having spent several years in London working as a sommelier in places as a Hakkassan, Londrino & Crispin and building up a vast and eclectic vinyl collection, Stefano presents a sensory experience mixing the best of both. Wednesday 29th of March Wineyl will host a sensorial wine tasting at South London Louie.

Music will be a key elevating factor throughout the evening, along side delicious snacks and four natural wines from Austria & France. Music can steer a mysterious path through our senses, triggering unexpected and powerful emotional responses. Similarly, a particular smell and flavour can remind us of past experiences and sensations triggering memories and associated emotions. Wineyl will take you into a journey where to connect profoundly by mixing sounds, aromas & flavours.

Wine tasting start at 6:30pm, limited space available

2019 NIBIRU, Amphibolit, Blanc de Blanc, Kamptal, Austria

Native oyster & Aguachile

Homemade Koffman Potato crisp

2020 DOMAINE GARNIER ET FILS, Chablis, Burgundy France


(green olive, anchovy, pimiento)

2020 DOMAINE LATTARDE, Roussanne, Rhone France

Pane Carasao & Saffron Sardinian Pecorino

2019 MALINGA, Pinot Noir, Kamptal Austria

French Radish & Tokio Turnips

Greek sun-dried figs