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Workshop: Transnational Solidarity
Wed 17 Apr 2024
Past event

Three woman stand in a line and braid each others hair. They are wearing all black. Overlaid on this image is a photo of hands holding a white dove. This is an artwork by Hoda Afshar.

Hoda Afshar, Untitled #14 from the series In Turn, 2023. © Hoda Afshar. Image courtesy of the artist and Milani Gallery, Meeanjin / Brisbane.

What methods of transnational solidarity are available to us to aid global feminist resistance to capitalism’s destructive force?

This workshop will examine the Kurdish women’s movement as well as feminist movements in Sudan, Pakistan and Palestine. Participants will be invited to use creative methods to think about how those engaged in feminist organising in the UK can begin to conceptualise the interconnectedness of feminist struggle and organise across borders. 

Please note that this workshop is aimed at people who are currently actively engaged with feminist organising.

Participants include writer, editor, curator and translator Elif Sarican, writer and cultural worker Leena Habiballa, Islam Al Khatib and Alia Amirali.



Alia Amirali is a Left political organizer based in Islamabad, Pakistan, currently doing her PhD in Gender Studies at the LSE. Her PhD dissertation explores the political subjectivities of Pakistani domestic workers in the city of Islamabad, with whom she has been previously engaged as an organizer supporting their struggles for housing rights. Alia has been politically active for over two decades, working with a variety of communities including slum dwellers, students, farmers, women, informal workers, and young professionals in Pakistan. She has also been engaged in solidarity work with movements for social justice in Pakistan’s ethnic-peripheries, particularly Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan. Alia played an active role in rebuilding the left-wing National Students Federation, and is now a member of the left-wing Awami Workers Party and the socialist-feminist Women’s Democratic Front. She is also affiliated with the Center of Excellence in Gender Studies at Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.


Islam Al Khatib is a Palestinian refugee researcher born and raised in Lebanon. She’s currently a PhD researcher at LSE. Alongside her PhD project, Islam is professionally engaged in research concerning the ‘Technocene’, and fascism emphasizing knowledge building and methods that unpack the relationship between the ‘cyber’ realm and (old &) emerging forms of fascism and as an extension of colonialist and imperialist projects.


Elif Sarican is a writer, editor, curator, and translator who collaborates with cultural institutions and universities around the world. As a researcher, she has worked with artists to explore and preserve visual depictions of Kurdish life. Elif is an author of edited volume ‘She Who Struggles: Revolutionary Women Who Shaped The World’ and guest editing a special issue for Barnard College’s S&F Online journal titled ‘Rage, Struggle, Freedom: Politics of Hope and Love,’ set to be published in 2024. She is the Curatorial and Community manager of Left Book Club, a historic radical publisher in the UK established in 1936. 


Leena Habiballa is a cultural worker with an interest in Sudanese visual/material cultures and community filmmaking/exhibition models. She explores these themes through art/film criticism, her own filmmaking practice, as well as research and curation. She is currently Assistant Producer at Other Cinemas and a member of the artist workers’ cooperative not-nowhere.  


Lola Olufemi is a black feminist writer and Stuart Hall foundation researcher from London based in the Centre for Research and Education in Art and Media at the University of Westminster. Her work focuses on the uses of the political imagination and its relationship to cultural production, political demands and futurity. She is author of Feminism Interrupted: Disrupting Power (Pluto Press, 2020), Experiments in Imagining Otherwise (Hajar Press, 2021) and a member of ‘bare minimum’, an interdisciplinary anti-work arts collective. 


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