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Andrea Fisher and Mona Hatoum: Hard Furnishing
2 Jul – 8 Aug 1993
Past exhibition

Installation view of Andrea Fisher, Inscription, 1993.

The exhibition, Hard Furnishing, presented two new commissions by artists Andrea Fisher and Mona Hatoum. Together they collaborated to create an installation for the South London Gallery. Their work was concerned with minimalism, the aestheticization of power, and the symbolic portrayal of political and social issues. Fisher’s piece, entitled Inscription, had multiple elements, including a frameless photograph of a victim of WW2, accompanied by a stainless steel handrail with a piece of cloth draped over it. Hatoum’s installation, A couple (of swings), and Hearing Voices provided a site for the human body’s encounter with architectural spaces and sculpture, and presented the visitor with two swings suspended from the ceiling facing each other.

 The exhibition was later shown at Spacex Gallery, Exeter.