A photo of a table with a patterned tablecloth laid on top of it. There are multiple different objects presented on top of the table. A window can be seen in the background that is letting light into the room, and there are two blurred objects resting on the window.

Installed at the Fire Station in Galleries 2 & 3, and will be open until September 5th.   

SupaStore is a summer installation by artist Sarah Staton, in which she has selected emerging artists to exhibit alongside those more established and familiar. ‘SupaStore’ is exhibited across two galleries which present nuanced differences; Gallery 2, with its indoor awnings, silver shelving and t-shirt alcove refers to ‘the shop’. Within this room an engaging mix of objects are exhibited for sale with prices starting at £1 for an @zoepencils ‘I’m out of my Depth’ badge, ‘SupaStore Inventory’ book, £20, ‘Egg’ T Shirts from Gavin Turk £30. Gallery 3 evokes a garden theme, with its plants, plant pots, a painting in the form of giant lavender bag, and indoor fountain on the bespoke Minerva picnic table and a range of other works for sale such as £10 ceramic ‘Tokens’ by Sarah Staton.

‘SupaStore Southside, Slingbacks & Sunshine’ at South London Gallery presents artwork, images and merchandise from:

Felicitas Aga, Francesca Anfossi, Simon Bill, Shane Bradford/Assembly Line, Chila Kumari Singh Burman, Ben Cain/Assembly Line, Merlin Carpenter, Peter Culley, Denise de Cordova, Declined & Deceased (Alejandro Villa Duran, Ariel Helyes and Kim Jakobsen To), Arnaud Desjardin, D.N.A, Mila Dolman, Leo Fitzmaurice, Hiromi Fukikoshi RC, Coco Fukuhara, RIP Germain, Susie Green, Oona Grimes, Johanna Magdalena Guggenberger, Natalie Price Hafslund, Hamilton & Verhoeven, Phillipa Horan, Deming Huang, Steph Huang, Ffian Jones, Paul Kindersley, Eve Lam, Jas Lasode, Tanya Ling, David Lisbon, LITMIS, Camille Løw, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Jane Millar, Claire Mouton & Marie-Sophie Robert, Flore Mycek, Claes Oldenburg, Janette Parris, Zoë Pencils, Simon Popper, Tom Railton, Cullinan Richards, Giles Round, Karin Ruggaber, Yinka Shonibare, Dani Smith, Sarah Staton, ADAM the Strand, Body Odor Studios, Katarina Sylvan, Sam Tahmassebi, Jake Tilson, Joel Tomlin, Gavin Turk, Demelza Watts, Camille Yvert, Abbas Zahedi

SupaStore is a trading platform for artworks, editions and multiples. Works by emerging and well-known artists are presented in an ever-changing display. Hosted intermittently by galleries, museums, and independent art spaces across the world, SupaStore returns to London for the first time since 1994.

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