Listen to our bonus podcast, part of our series of co-curated conversations between Shade and Convergence – the South London Gallery’s platform for critical conversations, screenings and written commissions – exploring anti-racism and the arts.
In this episode Dr Aminul Hoque is in conversation with Lou Mensah of Shade Podcast.

Dr Aminul Hoque is a lecturer in the Department of Educational Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. His book British Islamic Identity: Third Generation Bangladeshis from East London is based on his ethnographic research encompassing the cultural, linguistic, national, religious and gender identities of young East London Bangladeshis.

Aminul’s work focuses on issues of multicultural Britain, identity, social justice, youth policy, religion, race relations and Islamic feminism. With over 24 years’ experience in the youth, community and voluntary sector, Aminul is a recognised expert in young people and cultural identity.

Author of British-Islamic Identity: Third generation Bangladeshis from East London
Presenter: A Very British History: British Bangladeshis, BBC4, Feb 2020
Presenter: Searching for Secrets: London, Smithsonian Channel, June 2021

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Produced and hosted by Lou Mensah of Shade Podcast.

Convergence is an ongoing series of critical conversations, screenings and written commissions, facilitated by the SLG and curated and hosted by invited guests.

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