Photo: Udall Evans

We are excited to announce Tega Okiti as the curator for South by South for 2021.

South by South is a quarterly film screening at the South London Gallery. The programme, which is now in its tenth year, focuses on presenting bold and innovative cinema from Africa and the diaspora to audiences in the UK.

Tega’s programme will explore the boundaries of what (African) cinema is and where it is found.

The screening series will travel backwards and forwards in time, reflecting on craft, current artistic concerns and the often simultaneous discussions about progress and heritage.

Look out for the first screening on Wednesday 16 June!

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Tega Okiti is a writer and independent film and moving image programmer. Currently based in London, Tega is completing a practice-based Master’s thesis exploring the concept of fugitivity from the Black Radical Tradition. Tega has programmed and delivered exhibitions at LUX, BFI London Film Festival, Film Africa and No Direct Flight.

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