Millie Nice: Bad Drawing Club

An illustration of different characters drawing

The Bad Drawing Club. Graphic by Millie Nice

From spring 2020, the Big Family Press collaborate with London-based artist and art historian Millie Nice for Bad Drawing Club.

For Bad Drawing Club, the Big Family Press use humour and unconventional methods of mark-making to doodle, copy, scribble and experiment with different approaches to drawing.

Together, the group question what makes a drawing ‘bad’, and who gets to say something is ‘bad’ in the first place.

By role-playing as art critics, the children have the opportunity to humorously reflect on the different values ascribed to art, how something is made, and who makes it. The club frees the group from the pressures of technique, judgement and self-criticism.

In spring 2020, the Big Family Press is: Ben, Daniel, Esther, Ethan, Jemimah, Jennifer, Kameela, Kamil, Leah, Rahmaa, Sadie and Zahraa.


Following the South London Gallery’s temporary closure as a result of Covid-19, the Bad Drawing Club is now taking place on the SLG’s Instagram, @SouthLondonGallery on Thursdays at 3.30pm.

Everyone is invited to join from your bedrooms, kitchen-counters or living room floors using whatever materials you can get your hands on – submit your drawings on Instagram using the hashtag #BadDrawingClubUK.

See below for the ten activities created by Millie Nice over the course of the project.


ACTIVITY 1: Secret Identities 
Click here to view the activity
26 March 2020

ACTIVITY 2: Materials Index
Click here to view the activity
2 April 2020

ACTIVITY 3: Transform Paper
Click here to view the activity
9 April 2020

ACTIVITY 4: Drawing In the Dark
Click here to view the activity
16 April 2020

ACTIVITY 5: No More Stick Men
Click here to view the activity
23 April 2020

ACTIVITY 6: Bad Tools
Click here to view the activity
30 April 2020

ACTIVITY 7: Memory Drawing
Click here to view the activity
May 7 2020

ACTIVITY 8: Drawing with purpose
Click here to view the activity
May 14 2020

ACTIVITY 9: Drawing Rules
Click here to view the activity
May 21 2020

ACTIVITY 10: Cheating
Click here to view the activity
May 28 2020


Millie Nice is an illustrator and art historian. She draws pictures inspired by the past and finds the fun side of fine art with audiences of all ages. Millie divides her time between illustrating and working with galleries and heritage sites to explore what the art of the past can mean to modern audiences. Her previous work includes the zines Artphabet: The Alphabet of Alternative Artists; Art History Health Warnings; and The Drawing Workbook with The Guardian.

The Big Family Press is commissioned through the South London Gallery’s critical heritage programme, Evidence of Us.

Supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Southwark Council’s Neighbourhoods Fund. Children & Families programme supported by Mercedes Zobel.

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