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SLG Film School alumni: Let’s All Look at How We Look When We Are Alone Together

A blue background with white spots elongated in a pattern down the middle

Let's All Look at How We Look When We Are Alone Together is a collaborative film made by SLG Film School alumni during the Coronavirus lockdown.

In April 2020, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Andrew Finch and Sophie Park invited their SLG Film School peers to create a new artwork together, remotely.

Following an ‘exquisite corpse’ format, each filmmaker was sent the last five seconds of a video clip and asked to produce their own 30-second recording in response.

The resulting film is a document of the young filmmakers’ search for connection and creativity at a time of uncertainty.

Contributors (in order):

  • Cecilia Dumont
  • Nima Shahmalekpur
  • Sophie Park
  • Helen Haile
  • Arnold Chukwu
  • Laura Davis
  • Laura Wilson
  • Swara Kadir
  • Andrew Finch
  • Tamir Amar Pettet
  • Lucie Kordacova
  • Jana Dahlawi
  • Saeed Taji Farouky
  • Aileen Voit
  • Daniel Owusu

Editing: Sophie Park
Graphic: Irene Lee
Music: Connor Glinski
Curated by Andrew Finch and Sophie Park

The SLG Film School 2020 was supported by the Edwin Fox Foundation