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The Big Family Press with Cherelle Sappleton

Patterned fabric

Test prints on silk satin for the artist's National Trust Sutton House commission, 2019. Copyright Oliver Holms

In Autumn 2019, the Big Family Press is working with east London based artist Cherelle Sappleton on a series of collaborative workshops centred on creative explorations of our shared identities and histories.

Over 14 weeks, children from Oliver Goldsmith Primary School Camberwell work with Cherelle and the SLG team in regular after-school sessions. Together, they will develop a collage library of personal and familiar imagery, to be used collectively by the group in creative workshops.

The workshops act as a catalyst for conversation about our shared or differentiated experiences, our family histories and our memories. Cherelle’s Big Family Press commission builds on her long-term research project Scan/Exchange, which draws on the personal archives of people of colour to use as collage material and instigate preservation for future generations.


From September to December 2019, the Big Family Press is: Abdi, Ben, Cherelle, Daniel, Davinia, Esther, Ethan, Jenny, Jemimah, Kamil, Liesl, Lily, Rahmaa, Tilewa and Zahraa.

Cherelle Sappleton is a visual artist living and working in London. Her practice centres on photographic media with an interest in feminist agendas and performance using abstraction and surrealist aesthetics. Blending these elements together, her work uses the black female body as a starting point to explore and respond to issues of representation and agency through collage, moving image and photography.

The Big Family Press is commissioned through the South London Gallery’s critical heritage programme, Evidence of Us.

Supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Southwark Council’s Neighbourhoods Fund. Children & Families programme supported by Mercedes Zobel.