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Rosalie Schweiker with the Big Family Press, How To Have Fun, 2019.

From January to April 2019, Rosalie Schweiker and the collective of children from Oliver Goldsmith Primary School worked together to develop an instructional publication for the SLG Archive entitled 'How to Have Fun'.

From January to April 2019, Rosalie and the children attempted a series of creative proposals put forward by the group at the conclusion of Rosalie’s autumn 2018 Big Family Press commission, Hello Anyone That Receives This Message. The group experimented with recipes for slime, attempted complex origami patterns, constructed and activated a miniature golf course across the Fire Station, made their own protest banners, built model cars, wrote and staged a musical.

In each weekly after-school session, Rosalie and the children cumulatively developed a new publication outlining how others can recreate these activities. How to Have Fun was produced using the SLG’s in-house Risograph printing press, the Big Family Press,  at the conclusion of the commission in April 2019, and will serve as an archive of what children living in Peckham and Camberwell did for fun in 2019 .

From January to April 2019, the Big Family Press was: Alice, Ben, Daniel, Davinia, Ethan, Jade, Lacey-Jo, Leon, Luis, Madina, Rahmaa, Reuben, Rosalie and Tilewa.


The Big Family Press is a community printing press developed with children aged 4 – 12 in after-school care at Oliver Goldsmith Primary School, Camberwell. The group meets weekly during term-time and collaborates with artists on a range of creative and critical activities using DIY publishing.

Supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund