The Big Family Press with Rosalie Schweiker

Hello anyone that receives this message

Rosalie Schweiker, Stamps, 2018

In Autumn 2018, artist Rosalie Schweiker turned the Big Family Press into a fully-functioning Post Office.

Run by the group of children aged in after-school care at Oliver Goldsmith Primary School, the post office will be a space for children to share their experiences through the act of writing and receiving letters.

Taking place over fourteen sessions, run between Oliver Goldsmith Primary School and the SLG Fire Station, the sessions will centre on creative writing and free play, and will encourage children to write and receive letters with their peers and the outside world.

Rosalie Schweiker is in residency with the Big Family Press from September to December 2018. For more information about the Big Family Press click here.


The Big Family Press is a community printing press developed with children aged 4 – 12 in after-school care at Oliver Goldsmith Primary School, Camberwell. The group meets weekly during term-time and collaborates with artists on a range of creative and critical activities using DIY publishing.

Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund