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Share your work – Making Sense

Making Sense is a cultural education partnership between the South London Gallery and UAL, with support from The RSA, Hauser & Wirth and A New Direction. Making Sense brings educators, researchers and young people together to explore themes of recovery, inclusion and anti-racism through creative practise and conversation.

Since 2021, Making Sense has been shaped and informed directly by teachers and young people in Southwark secondary schools, addressing structural and racial inequalities through in-school creative projects and a collaborative digital sketchbook. We welcome submissions of content to be added to the Making Sense website. We want to continue to learn from each other, to develop a wide range of relevant and new content from many different voices and to grow our community of collaborators.

Making Sense aims to highlight urgent questions of systemic racism and asks how we listen to and learn from the experiences of young Black people in UK education. Submissions should address these themes directly or indirectly.

To submit your work or relevant content please read the information and fill in the form below.

Information to know before submitting content to Making Sense: 

  • We regularly check content submission forms but cannot reply to everyone who submits.
  • By filling in the submission form, you are giving us permission to add the content shared to the Making Sense resources webpage.
  • The Education team at the SLG will have the final say as to what content gets added to the Making Sense resources page. While we welcome content from different voices, places and organisations, we will prioritise relevant, appropriate, topical and positive submissions. The South London Gallery has the right to remove content or to reject submissions.
  • Some content will be selected as a spotlight on the Making Sense homepage. We do not accept submissions for the spotlight position.
  • We welcome unpublished or independently produced research.
  • Some of our resources are aimed specifically at teachers or educators. Please outline in the submission form if the content you are sending in is for teachers.
  • We only accept submissions through our online form below.

Examples of content you might submit are; findings from programmes you’ve implemented in a school that you work at, a podcast or video about themes relating to Making Sense, a PDF of a report from an educational or arts charity, a creative project made in response to themes addressed by Making Sense, responses to other content on the Making Sense website.

Submit your content to the Making Sense website through our online form.