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Cornford & Cross
Where is the work, 2004

Image of the South London Gallery's main gallery with Cornford & Cross' art work positioned on the floor

Cornford & Cross, Where is the Work, 2004, Metal Grille.

Known for their idiosyncratic and often ephemeral interventions into public space, for the travelling group show Perfectly Placed Cornford & Cross created a replica of one of the heating vents in the South London Gallery floor. Following a complex process of 3D modelling, the pattern was delivered to an iron foundry and a new iron grille was cast. Described by the artists as ‘neither better nor worse than the old grille’, Where is the Work is a piece in which ‘the investment of time, labour and resources is “invisible”’. Following the exhibition, new grille remained as a part of the South London Gallery floor, and the original became a part of the SLG collection.