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Rene Matić
Rene at Home, 2022

Photograph of the artist Rene Matić cut off just above their chest with a white background. The artist is wearing a pendant necklace and their left hand is spread out towards the camera and covering their face, only their right eye can be seen looking into the camera. Two rings stacks upon themselves are seen on the artist's ring finger and a small cross tattoo is also seen on the base of their middle finger.

Rene Matić, Rene at Home, 2022.

Rene Matić is a London-based artist, poet and writer, and they work mainly with photography, film and sculpture. Through their work, they reimagine the complexities between queerness, West Indian and the working-class culture in Britain.

This artwork is from Rene Matić’s ongoing photography series flags for countries that don’t exist but bodies that do (2018-ongoing). This series is a personal diary documenting Matić’s community and family (chosen and otherwise), as well as a portrait and deconstruction of contemporary Britain. This work was presented alongside Matić’s 2022 exhibition at the South London Gallery upon this rock. The exhibition explored themes of subculture, faith and family as well as continuing the artist’s longstanding interest in notions of ‘Britishness’.

Rene at Home touches on themes of family and faith which ran throughout the show. The themes of faith emerge in this image through the crucifix tattooed on the artist’s hand