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An illustration of figures holding up buildings. Text over the illustration says Galleries, Get It Together
'Galleries, Get it Together!' is a collaborative podcast created by South London Gallery based art collective “Art Assassins”, audio artist Weyland Mckenzie-Witter and researcher Dr. Patria Roman-Velazquez. It aims to explore the question: "What does an equitable and community-led Gallery look like and what stories should be told?"

Through weekly gatherings over 9 weeks, the group set out to interview: artists, (both independent and institutional) art workers and friends and family both native and new to south London. The result is an amalgamation of conversations and sound bites from all over, sharing different perspectives but also setting out to answer the question with the intention of implementing change within cultural institutions.

Despite the range of participants and contributors coming from different backgrounds it is made painfully clear that an immense change is needed across the London art sphere and so the Art Assassins titled their podcast: “Galleries, Get it Together!”

Interviewees include:

  • Tanya Wilson, South London Gallery’s Residents’ Programme Assistant
  • Lauren Gee, South London Gallery’s Schools and Young People’s Programme Manager
  • Jahzel Newell-Marshall, South London Gallery’s Residents’ Programme Coordinator
  • Hannah Olukoga, South London Gallery’s Assistant Curator
  • Rianna Jade Parker, writer, critic, curator and researcher
  • Barbara Majek, interdisciplinary artist, researcher and facilitator
  • Josephine Cine, interdisciplinary artist
  • Dr Patria Roman-Velazquez, researcher and founding Chair of Latin Elephant
  • Flo O’Mahony, Zoo Co Theatre
  • Art Assassins’ family and friends


Read the Galleries, Get It Together transcript.


Art Assassins is the South London Gallery’s creative forum for young people aged 16-21. They work with contemporary artists, designers, filmmakers and each other to create a programme of exciting events.


Weyland McKenzie-Witter is an Audio Artist, Creative Producer, Writer and People’s Archivist. His work focuses on using creative productions as a medium to tell people’s stories and histories.


Dr Patria Roman-Velazquez is an interdisciplinary researcher with an interest in urban communication, migrant and ethnic economies, and urban regeneration. She is passionate about equality, social and spatial justice and has put race in the agenda for gentrification research.

Galleries, Get It Together is supported through a British Academy Innovation Fellowship led by Principal Investigator, Dr Patria Roman-Velazquez, King’s College London, in partnership with South London Gallery