Art Assassins

Art Assassins and Network 11 performing Sonorous at Frieze Art Fair, October 2016. Photo: Laura Wilson.

The Art Assassins, the SLG’s young people’s forum work together with contemporary artists, designers, filmmakers and each other to create a programme of events for other young people and a wider audience.

I come to Art Assassins to develop ideas and work in a group context with other young people. The way we work reflects the things we create as well as feeding into how I go about developing my personal projects.
Max Baraitser Smith, Art Assassin
Art Assassins keeps me entertained until dinner is ready.
Sammy Trieu, Art Assassin

The Art Assassins are a diverse group of young people aged between 14-21 years old who meet every Tuesday at the South London Gallery.

<p><em>Dot Dot Dot</em> a night of art and music by the Art Assassins in collaboration with Alicia Reyes McNamara, July 2017. Photo: Sam Nightingale</p>

Dot Dot Dot a night of art and music by the Art Assassins in collaboration with Alicia Reyes McNamara, July 2017. Photo: Sam Nightingale

Art Assassins’ projects are always led by the members. Together they have curated exhibitions and events, formed a political party, directed a short film, slept in a forest, made a video game, designed hair products and reinvented the archive. The group formed in 2009 and through their collaborative projects they have defined a unique peer-led approach to create platforms which represent themselves and their ideas.

The group are currently working on a year-long project, The Peckham Experiment: A Centre for Self-Organisation, exploring the history of the Pioneer Health Centre in Peckham and considering its relevance to questions of health, self-organisation and art today.

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Current Art Assassins: Aashell Wallace, Akhera Williams, Alice Campos, Esme Wedderburn, Farencia Hendrickson, Iona Tompkins, Ivo Blackwood, Izzie O’Sullivan, Jessica Mankowska, John Kamara, Jordan Minga, Lucien Sone Ebongue, Max Baraitser Smith,  Philip Odoi, Ryan Calhoun, Sam Baraitser Smith, Sammy Trieu, Yinka Aresa.

Previous Art Assassins: Andre Ribeiro, Ashleigh Turner, Esme Wheatley, Finbar Kelly, Hussain ‘Remz’ Layne, Inés Carballo, Joel Simpson, Kallim Ogunnami,  Mehmet Cucel.

If you’d like to find out more about joining the Art Assassins, please contact

The South London Gallery is an Arts Award Supporter.

Supported by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the SLG Council.

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