South by South

A Moving Image film still

Film still from A Moving Image (2016).Directed by Shola Amoo. Screened as part of South by South in August 2016.

South by South explores and presents contemporary visual art and film from across Africa to audiences in the UK through quarterly film screenings and masterclasses at the South London Gallery.

Launched in 2012, South by South celebrates the work of artists and filmmakers from the global South in relationship to the local context of the SLG in south London. The programme is co-curated by the South London Gallery with British-Nigerian filmmaker, Joseph A. Adesunloye. Each year one event is presented in partnership with Film Africa.

South by South comprises two interlinking strands:
• quarterly film screenings by a range of African diaspora artists followed by a Q&A with the director;
• quarterly film masterclasses led by industry experts which are aimed at young filmmakers, with each session preceding the film screening.

The quarterly film screenings have included Action Comandante (2016), directed by Nadine Colete; Ayanda (2016), directed by Sara Blecher; White Colour Black (2016) directed by Joseph a. Adesunloye; Tango Negro, the African Roots of Tango (2013) directed by Dom Pedro; Rough Aunties (2008), a documentary directed by Kim Longinotto and Hard to Get (2014) directed by Zee Ntuli.

In 2015, a two-hour masterclass masterclasses in tandem with the annual REcreative film school was introduced at the SLG in advance of each screening. These were aimed at young filmmakers in the early stages of their careers seeking to develop skills in alternative and mainstream film making, look critically at cinema as an art form, translate creative ideas into stories and use a camera to tell those stories.

Joseph A. Adesunloye has an MA in English Literature & Film Studies from the University of Aberdeen and also attended the London Film Academy. After working as a freelance filmmaker, he set up his own film production company, DreamCoat Productions. In 2012 he was commissioned to direct Labalaba, a play he co-wrote as part of Nigeria’s Olympic celebrations. In 2013 he was one of the producers of the British / Canadian co-production MLE and in 2014 his short film, Beyond Plain Sight, premiered at Raindance Film Festival and after being nominated for ‘Best British Short Film’ it went on to be screened part of various festivals including the BFI Flare LGBT Film Festival. Most recently he released White Colour Black (2016), his first feature film as a director.

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South by South 2017-18 is presented in partnership with MUBI.