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Panicattack Duo: Nothing Really Mattress Performances
Wednesdays, 1–9pm & Saturdays
Past event

Panicattackduo performance

Panicattack Duo performance, South London Gallery. Photo: Manuela Barczewski

As part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Panicattack Duo present a durational performance entitled Nothing Really Mattress in the Main Gallery every Wednesday, 1–9pm and Saturday, 10am–6pm.

In the work, Panicattack Duo address diverse topics from migration to class, neoliberalism to patriarchy. The artists also reflect on their own research and collaborative working practice, revealing the unseen labour behind their performance.

Since the first iteration of the performances at Bloomberg New Contemporaries in Liverpool, the work has developed to include other artistic voices. Panicattack Duo hope to turn Nothing Really Mattress into an intimate public space by collaborating with visitors, artists and curators in their performances.


22 December – The Jungle Lifestyle
Visual artist Zen Khalid joins Panicattack Duo to talk about cultural production within underground spaces and art practices outside the contemporary art market.

29 December – disORDER: Space, Bureaucracy and Growth
Performance artist and activist Demelza Woodbridge reads The Long Now to Panicattack Duo.

2 January – disORDER: Space, Bureaucracy and Growth
Performance artist and activist Demelza Woodbridge presents The Big Invisible Fridge, 2018.

5 & 9 January – disORDER: Space, Bureaucracy and Growth
Live artist and community arts facilitator Hannah Mary invites visitors to join her in making masks.

9, 12 & 16 January – The perks and struggles of being an emerging curator in London 2018
Goldsmiths University MFA Curating  lead a live a conversation on being an emerging curator. The discussion aims to offer support and inspiration for other cultural producers in the early stages of their career.

19 January – Anna Reading BNC18
New Contemporaries 2018 artist Anna Reading joins the duo to make worry dolls. They discuss worries, and explore why talking might be a helpful strategy to deal with them.

23 January – disORDER: Space, Bureaucracy and Growth
Visual artist and filmmaker Eleni Tomadaki joins Panicattack Duo for a studio discussion.

26 January – Open Call: Make A Bridge
Bring a piece of fabric and make a collaborative textile piece which will form the beginning of a collective project.

30 January – disORDER: Space, Bureaucracy and Growth
From 3-6pm, visual and performance artist Anna Frijstein joins Panicattack Duo for a participatory workshop exploring ‘monsterhood’. Visitors can experiment with dressing up, posing and moving like a monster. Between 6-9pm Laura Callegaro and Carla Gimeno Jaria, of Trans Curatorial, will discuss the themes and ideas which drive their curatorial collective.

2 February – disORDER: Space, Bureaucracy and Growth
Performance artist Noe Iwai joins Panicattack Duo for a discussion about her practice and the struggles facing international artists within UK institutions. Iwai will also perform on the mattress.

6 February – Faye Claridge BNC18
New Contemporaries 2018 artist Faye Claridge joins Panicattack Duo for a conversation about nationality and representation.

9 February – Andriana Lagoudes
Andriana Lagoudes is a creative who works in the fashion industry. This discussion will focus on alternative pedagogies, community outreach and  sustaining artistic practice outside of the art market.

13 February – Kobby Adi BNC18
New Contemporaries 2018 artist Kobby Adi joins the duo for a studio discussion.

16 February – An All-Female Performance Happening
International artists Laura Greenway, Diliana Hummingbird, Lisa Marie Henning-Olsen, Alice Jacobs, Rosa Doornenbal, Rosie Gibbens, Katie Vowles and Fay Burnett, and Sara Rodrigues join Panicattack Duo to make a cultural, social, political or personal statement.

20 February – Zish Alexander
Zish Alexander is an English artist who did not have a formal art school education. Alexander’s work references everyday objects to explore ideas around iconography, identity and ritual.

23 February – Chris Rawcliffe & Caterina Gobbi
From 3-6pm Chris Rawcliffe joins Panicattack duo on the mattress for an open discussion. Rawcliffe is the founder of artist project space Pro Numb in Hackney and is currently Relationship Manager for Visual Arts at Arts Council England. Between 6-9pm Caterina Gobbi will perform with Panicattack duo on the mattress. Gobbi’s practice explores ideas around love and includes sound, sculpture and performance art.