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Pope.L Hospital: Closing Event
Sun 11 Feb
Past event

A wooden installation by artist Pope.L painted white and covered in flour in the centre of a large gallery with pink and white walls.

Pope.L: Hospital, South London Gallery, 2023. Photo: Andy Stagg. Courtesy of the Artist.

The South London Gallery is deeply saddened by the recent passing of the Chicago-based artist and educator, Pope.L (1955 – 2023). Hospital is Pope.L’s first solo exhibition in a London institution. Tragically, it is the last in his lifetime.

Visitors are invited to gather in the SLG’s Main Space at 5pm on Sunday 11 February, to share a moment of quiet reflection during the final hour of the exhibition. An open mic will be available for anyone who feels moved to speak.


Please note there is bright lighting in the Main Gallery.