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Sunday Spot Play Space: Chloe Bailey & Anna Yue Ru
Summer 2020
Past event

Illustration of the Clore Studio showing suspended hula hoops from the ceiling and balls on the floor to give the impression of a solar system

Illustration of Chloe Bailey and Anna Yue Ru's Play Space commission in use in the Clore Studio


Chloe Bailey and Anna Yue Ru co-designed this interactive play space, inviting curiosity through a range of materials that can be played and experimented with.

The commission invited children and families to explore a new installation each week including a maze, a circus, a camp and the solar system. Tyres, pipes, balls and sand made up the environment which families could explore and put together in a variety of ways.

Due to Covid 19, the commission was not able to be physically realised in the space.

The Power of Play: Sunday Spot Play Space commission

Click here to read an interview with Chloe and Anna about the commission and to learn about their plans in more detail.

Illustration of the Clore Studio from outside showing hula hoops and balls in action to create the Play space commission

Illustration of Chloe Bailey and Anna Yue Ru’s Play Space commission in use in the Clore Studio


Over 2019-2020, the SLG collaborated with University of the Arts London BA Interior and Spatial Design students to design a new commission for our Sunday Spot Play Space. Out of ten submissions, students Chloe Bailey and Anna Yue Ru were selected to co-develop the Play Space commission for the summer of 2020.

Chloe Bailey’s practice is centred around themes of play and community. Through physical making, testing and drawing, she looks to create new narratives for unused spaces, making these spaces destinations for multiple activities to take place.

Anna Yue Ru is a spatial designer and educator. Her practice focuses on the intersection between nature and the built environment. She is interested in engaging young people in the process of design through play and making. She has worked collaboratively in various museums, galleries and institutions, and she runs the Little Architects Programme at Suzhou Museum.