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A black and white photo of artist Christine Bramwell. She is smiling and wears glasses and a beanie hat.

Image courtesy Christine Bramwell

In spring 2023, Making Sense commissioned four young artists to create new work inspired by themes of inclusion and anti-racism.

Ella Soni, Esme Wedderburn, Jordan Minga and Christine Bramwell have made several new works for the Making Sense Digital Platform.


This work, titled Becoming, by artist Christine Bramwell consists of video and sound pieces. In the moving image work, Jamila Alleyne dances with and to sound-words by Bramwell.

Becoming explores the role of nature and our bond with it when reflecting on the theme of reclaiming. In her work, Bramwell finds joy in discovering the correlations between ecology, the body and sound.


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On the work, Bramwell says:

“We hold a deep fascination for the synergy between our bodies and the earth. Embracing a continual state of transformation is, for us, anchored in nurturing our symbiotic connection with nature and ensuring a state of rest.

When tasked with creating a piece on the theme of reclaiming, we contemplated its manifestation in our lives. After thorough reflection, we recognised nature as the epitome of reclamation for us. By prioritising our bond with the natural environment, we reclaim our time from the demands of a laborious work system.

Exploring the nuances of the reclaiming process, especially with clay, we meticulously deconstructed solid materials to unveil the qualities that render us soft, open, malleable, and invigorated.”

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Christine Bramwell is an interdisciplinary artist who finds joy in discovering the correlations between ecology, the body and sound. She has trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in Performance Art. Christine is currently exploring live sound in collaboration with Sound Like Chaos, and Soundcamp. She is also actively working in her community as a women’s youth support worker.

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Making Sense brings young people, educators and researchers together to explore themes of inclusion and anti-racism, through youth-led creative collectives, teacher training, conversation and resources.

The programme works in schools to offer creative learning opportunities for young people and development opportunities for teachers. These learnings are shared online through an evolving, interactive and informative digital platform. The platform is a space for building resources and sharing experiences that show how better understandings of our shared histories can improve experiences of school life.

Making Sense explores topics such as the impacts of Covid-19, experiences of racial inequality, questions around delivering a more inclusive curriculum, mental health and the possibilities that come from increasing community, agency and amplifying the voices of young people.

We hope that through Making Sense together we can create a learning framework that empowers us to identify and challenge inequalities in schools, that captures and champions the complexity of our shared journey and emboldens us to be the change we want to see.

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Making Sense is supported by A New Direction, University of the Arts London CCW, Hauser & WirthThe RSA, and Mercedes Zobel.

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