Archival map of Peckham and Camberwell

The South London Gallery opened the Peckham Road Fire Station as a new contemporary arts space on 22 September 2018. As part of this project, the SLG developed an interactive digital map for the new archive room that allows users to discover more about the social, architectural and cultural histories of the area. Visitors can select points of interest on the map, which are accompanied by images and a short text. Points of interest might be places or people not generally referenced in histories of Peckham and Camberwell, as well as sites that are no longer active.

If you would like to suggest a person or place to be included in the interactive map please complete the form below and email it with an image (optional) to Submissions must fit into at least one of the following four categories: Arts and Culture, Buildings & Streets, People or Social Histories. Entries should be of local interest and must be based in either Peckham or Camberwell. We value everyone’s contribution and all suggestions for the map will be considered. Please note your proposal will be edited so may not appear on the map immediately.

If you have any questions please email

Interactive map proposal form

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