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We’re all professional chefs here

An illustration of the children from the Big Family Press and Flavour Cravers project, eating food, with speech bubbles sharing quotes from the sessions

The Big Family Press with Flavour Cravers, 'We’re All Professional Chefs Here', illustration by Tim King, 2019

For their spring 2019 commission, the Big Family Press collaborated with Leah Morris (Flavour Cravers) on a cooking project in the SLG’s Fire Station Kitchen.

Together, Leah and the group of children aged 6–11 from Oliver Goldsmith Primary School (OGPS), Camberwell reflected on and re-visited their favourite school meals through a series of cooking sessions.

During the project the Big Family Press cooked pizzas, fish fingers and chips, lasagne and sausages. The group facilitated a special drop-in session as we catered the opening of Victoria-Idongesit Udondian’s Art Block commission with customised milkshakes for visitors to the opening.

Coinciding with the 2019 Local History Weekend, the children from the Big Family Press joined the Flavour Cravers to serve up milkshakes for visitors to the Fire Station and host a workshop supporting visitors to the Fire Station to reflect on, discuss and share their memories of their school dinners.

Each of the cooking sessions were self-documented by the children, with comments, recipes, helpful cooking tips and instructions collated over the course of the project.

The group have worked together to produce a tea towel archiving the process and documenting our shared experiences of school meals. The tea towel, available to purchase from the SLG bookshop, has been developed by London-based illustrator Tim King using quotes and photographs from the project.


The Big Family Press is commissioned through the South London Gallery’s critical heritage programme, Evidence of Us.

Supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Southwark Council’s Neighbourhoods Fund. Children & Families programme supported by Mercedes Zobel.