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Narration Group: Embodiments

Screenshot from the Embodiments website, which documents the project

Embodiments is Narration Group’s third research project.

Documented on an external webpage, the project explores the ways Black and Brown bodies hold histories, how these histories are pressed upon them and how they can corporeally connect with the past, present and future.

For Embodiments, Narration Group used material objects and focused on sensory experiences such as touch, taste, feeling, sound and sight, to explore their memories.

Through these tangible and intangible approaches to encountering memories, the group explored ways of connecting their bodies to interpersonal histories, while exploring the relationships they have with themselves and others in personal, physical and intimate ways.

Throughout August and September 2020, Narration Group took part in closed workshops exploring themes related to their Embodiments project run by artists Barby Asante, Lani Rocillo and Tabita Rezaire.

The workshops were documented through transcribed conversations that are to read at the links below:


Narration Group is a collective of women and non-binary people of colour. The group centres on understanding and unpicking the intersectional forms of discrimination which people of colour encounter, and explores ways to collectively and critically engage with these experiences to reconstruct and re-articulate their own narratives.

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