Four people stood in a library looking at the book shelves

Narration Group research trip to the Goldsmiths’ Women’s Art Library, 2019

Narration Group is a collective of women and non-binary people of colour who meet fortnightly at the South London Gallery to discuss, dissect and reclaim their narratives.

Through kitchen table discussions, readings and collaborative curatorial projects, the group inhabits and reimagines institutional spaces and social structures. They focus on understanding and unpicking the intersectional forms of discrimination which people of colour encounter, and ways to engage collectively and critically with these experiences. The group provides a space for alternative collective learning through the lenses of queer theory, black feminist thought and diasporic perspectives.

Narration Group presented its first public programme on Fri 31 May 2019 at SLG Local History Weekend: Friday Night. A round-table discussion, film programme and reading room explore the concept of PERIPHERY as navigated by people of colour.

Supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.