Flavour Cravers

Flavour Cravers session with Bettylicious Cooks, 2019. Photo: Leah Morris

Flavour Cravers was a series of creative cooking sessions, created by Leah Morris, with children who attend Art Block.

Beginning in October 2018, children joined in weekly cooking sessions held in Art Block to learn new skills and share their cultural influences.

Following on from this, Flavour Cravers developed into a monthly programme which took place during summer 2019, with six children attending sessions led by different local restaurant owners. They learned how to create a variety of dishes they could attempt easily at home with adult supervision, including dumplings, pizza and vegan doughnuts.

These workshops were held in the SLG’s Fire Station Kitchen, with the exception of one which was hosted at Francesco’s Pizzeria in Camberwell.

Over the course of the programme the children worked with:

  • Bears Dough
  • Chubby Dumpling
  • Francesco’s
  • Bettylicious Cooks
  • Butch Salads

Flavour Cravers also collaborated with children from The Big Family Press, re-visiting school meals in a separate project: We’re All Professional Chefs Here


Flavour Cravers is part of Open Plan, a public art and education project by the South London Gallery and residents on Pelican, Elmington and Sceaux Gardens estates.

Open Plan is supported by the Freelands Foundation, with additional funds from Southwark Council’s Youth and Play Grant Programme, the National Lottery and other donors