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Image courtesy the artist

The seventh recipient of the SLG Postgraduate Residency was free.yard, an ongoing situational project initiated by London-born artist and composer Adam Farah. free.yard began their 6 month residency in the SLG’s Outset Artists’ Flat in November 2017.

free.yard explores the structures of poetics, taste and class through promiscuous research methodologies. Their first major presentation PRAISE N PAY IT/ PULL UP, COME INTO THE RISE follows a six month period of enquiry and experimentation as the SLG’s Postgraduate Artist in Residence and takes the form of an installation of generative and reflective moments. The exhibition includes contributions from free.yard collaborators, and employs a range of mediums including drawing, sculpture, video, sound and performance, to create a body of work that considers the residual effects of ephemeral experiences.

In 2017 free.yard took part in the Holding Space Artists Associates Programme at The Showroom, London after graduating from Camberwell College of Arts in 2014 with a BA in Drawing. Since then their work has been included in several group exhibitions including; Mothership at Exo Exo, Paris; Kind of Flossy curated by C.R.E.A.M at Assembly Point, London; The Shift at Flat Time House, London; I Would’ve Done Everything For You / Gimme More! at The Plug, London and Asymmetric Grief at Arcadia Missa, London. free.yard also contributed to the publication Dream Babes: Speculative Futures edited by Victoria Sin.

The Postgraduate Residency is supported by the Paul and Louise Cooke Endowment