The Elephant Park Project

The Elephant Park Project is a new commission by the artist Ryan Gander and will unfold over 2021-2023, in advance of a public artwork being installed in Elephant Park in Southwark, in 2023. The project will facilitate the development of this artwork in collaboration with year 4 pupils from three local Primary Schools, as well as an offer to all schools in Southwark.

Responding to the Local, the Global and the Self, the project is centred on exploring new histories, possibilities, and placemaking. The project hopes to create positive stories for young people to live inside, allowing them to reflect the diversity and energy of their own place and future. A new publication by Ryan Gander designed for year 4 pupils entitled the ‘Future Sketchbook’ acts as the focus for this exploration.

This ambitious project invites schools across Southwark to be part of the extended programme, with year 4 pupils invited to take part in making and imagining through the ‘Future Sketchbook.’