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The Elephant Park Project

The Elephant Park Project is a new commission by artist Ryan Gander OBE RA. The project will culminate with a series of permanent artworks unveiled at Elephant Park, Southwark in summer 2023.  

Since 2021, in collaboration with the South London Gallery, Gander has worked with pupils at three local primary schools to co-imagine and co-create the new artworks. Through play, art making and discussion they explored new histories, possibilities and place, on a personal, local and global level.  

The Elephant Park Project promotes creative thinking and inspires young people to reflect on their surroundings. Young people are offered space and time to amplify their imaginations, and to think about the futures they would like to see. 

The Future Sketchbook 

The Future Sketchbook aims to create positive stories for young people to live inside, allowing them to reflect the diversity and energy of place and the future. It’s meant to highlight there is not a single correct solution but an abundance of possible perspectives of different people, all of which have equal value. 

– Ryan Gander 

The Future Sketchbook is an invitation for schools across Southwark to engage with ideas and activities from The Elephant Park Project. Designed by Ryan Gander, the 190-page sketchbook features easy-to-follow creative prompts that encourage experimentation and self-expression.  

How to get a copy of The Future Sketchbook

Physical copies are available for Year 4 classes in Southwark schools. Please email to get your copy. 

A free digital copy of The Future Sketchbook is available to download here. 

How to use The Future Sketchbook

The Future Sketchbook can be used by teachers in a lesson, or by parents and carers looking for creative fun at home. There are no rules! 

The South London Gallery’s education team and a number of Southwark teachers have put together a guide on how to get the most out of The Future Sketchbook. This is available as a digital resource to download here.  

The Elephant Park Project has been developed in partnership with the South London Gallery and the Contemporary Art Society. Supported by Lendlease.