Making Sense

Making Sense is a new local cultural education partnership between the South London Gallery and Mountview.

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to bring unprecedented challenges. The death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement has galvanised a generation demanding urgent structural change.

We are committed to practising anti-racism and challenging the systemic issues unfairly holding young people back.

Making Sense assembles us collectively around themes of recovery, inclusion and anti-racism through creative practise and conversation.


With positive change at its heart, Making Sense:

  • provides stimulating, accessible, and informal online and IRL spaces that empower us to explore and express what matters to us.
  • enables ideas about racism to be aired and explored creatively in a safe inclusive space.
  • encourages creative experimentation through student-led project in schools.
  • offers skills development and employability skills.
  • a lively knowledge exchange platform for teachers.
  • An online space for exhibiting project work.


Contribute to building a fairer landscape and provide better opportunities for supporting mental health and wellbeing.

Join this vibrant, collaborative online community and contribute to decolonising the curriculum through making, sharing, and co-learning.

Explore structural change collaboratively through artistic practice, experimentation, self-expression, and co-research.


The Making Sense project is both digital and face-to-face, with hands-on making, events, discussion, skills workshops and knowledge exchange forums for the benefit of children and young people, educators and artists:

Resources – improve racial literacy, identify where inequalities show up in your own contexts, explore Covid recovery, discover projects you can contribute to Making Sense.

Contribute – pool ideas, showcase project work, challenge the status quo – inspire and be inspired!

Collective – skills development opportunities and guest residencies in collaboration with youth collectives, influencers, and cultural organisations.

Think pieces – we accept written work that explores current challenges, from #ownvoices fiction to social commentary.

Creators – discover a growing directory of artists and practitioners sharing the journey.


Each month we showcase new work across the website. Be sure to sign up to Making Sense Dialogues to receive updates, discover opportunities, and to submit creative and discursive responses to the Making Sense site.

Join Making Sense Dialogues

Email for more information, for instructions of submitting creative work, relevant articles, research or hyperlinks.