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Art Assassins and Lloyd Corporation

what is your mother's maiden name

Still from What is your mother's maiden name by the Art Assassins and Lloyd Corporation

Art Assassins and Lloyd Corporation worked together to explore how ‘social experiments’ can be used as a form of public and political art making.

During the project the group researched, staged and documented their own ‘social experiments’ in and around the South London Gallery and Peckham. Through this process they explored how such a method of art making can: bring complex or unseen political issues into public view; create experimental forms of artistic performance and raise challenging questions about participation and ethics.

The project takes inspiration from the Peckham Experiment, focusing on how it pioneered a radical model of public, experiential and live research in order to study the nature of health. Initiated twenty-three years before the establishment of the NHS, the founders of the Peckham Experiment, believed that through a holistic approach to health, wellbeing and social interaction, disease and illness would be reduced. Read more about the Art Assassins’ work on the Peckham Experiment here.


Art Assassins are a group of young beings aged between 14-21 years old who meet every Tuesday at the South London Gallery. To find out more about the Art Assassins click here.

Lloyd Corporation is a collaborative project between artists Ali Eisa (UK) and Sebastian Lloyd Rees (NOR). Both artists live and work in London and hold a BA in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths, University of London (2010), where they met and started to collaborate. Their work is often focused on informal and local economies, exploring how they raise critical issues of consumerism, globalisation and urban development. Their work includes sculpture, installation, performance and text, as well as developing new approaches to collaborative practice and public intervention.

Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.