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Schools resources

Children with foil costumes

Year 1 Pupils from St James the Great Primary taking part in a Schools workshop at the SLG with artist Natalie Zervou. Photo: Heather Kay

Discover a range of teachers' resources offering engaging prompts and tools for discussing contemporary art.

Initiated in response to the many impacts of Covid-19, the SLG schools programme is now expanding to include a selection of freely available downloads to support teachers and learners.

The resources take SLG’s and others’ exhibitions as starting points for the discussion of key themes and issues in contemporary art and society.

The aim is to facilitate conversation, learning and in-school making that explore and develop ways to increase oracy, resilience, making and celebrate diversity.


Click the titles to download the free resources below:


Creativity and Wellbeing: Pushing the Reset Button

Created by artist Beverley Bennett, this resource aims to support the wellbeing of school communities through creative engagement. It includes:

  • Practical activities
  • Guidance from Josephine Evans, a registered Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and school Counsellor
  • Developed for teachers to create space for their own wellbeing and children who they teach.


An Archive by Other Means

A creative exploration of archives and challenging histories, ​led by young people and artists. Produced with the South London Gallery’s Young People’s Forum, ​Art Assassins and Researcher Emmanuelle Andrews, in consultation with Harris Girls Academy East Dulwich. This resource aims to introduce students to Britain’s colonial heritage and the complexities it throws up to this day. Seen through the lens of the Northcote Thomas archive and the Art Assassins exhibition An Archive By Other Means, it includes:

  • A Powerpoint presentation with activities, discussion points, sound files and images. This presentation contains three parts and could be used as three distinct lessons or as one-off activities.
  • A supporting resource pack including teachers notes, image collections and a glossary.
  • Developed for Key Stage 4-5 students, elements of the resource could be adapted for Key Stage 3.


Perception: Ann Veronica Janssens at the SLG

Co-developed with Charlotte Sharman Primary School, this resource explores perception: how we each see and understand the world. It includes:

    • Discussion points and practical activities
    • A teacher’s perspective: facilitating a virtual exhibition visit
    • A Q&A with SLG’s Technical Manager about his role
    • Developed for Key Stage 1 & 2, this resource could also be used for Key Stage 3.


Interactive Tour Video: Ann Veronica Janssens at the SLG

The SLG education team lead an interactive tour of Ann Veronica Janssens’ exhibition Hot Pink Turquoise at the SLG in 2021. Featuring activities and discussion points to explore perception and ways of looking in a gallery.

  • Experience the exhibition from your classroom
  • Includes clear prompts to pause the video and work on activities or group discussions in class
  • Further information on the exhibition can be found here


Cultural identity: Rashid Johnson at Hauser & Wirth

These Teachers’ Notes by Hauser & Wirth explore themes from Rashid Johnson’s work, including cultural identity, anxiety and Black Lives Matter. They include:

    • An introduction to artist Rashid Johnson and exhibition notes 
    • Practical activity prompts  
    • Ideas for discussion 
    • Developed for Key Stages 1-4 and beyond. 


Abstract painting: Frank Bowling at Hauser & Wirth 

These Teachers’ Notes by Hauser & Wirth explore themes from Frank Bowling’s work including painting as a process, Abstract Expressionism, his use of colour and shape. They include: 

  • An introduction to artist Frank Bowling and exhibition notes  
  • Practical activity prompts   
  • Ideas for discussion  


Formulas and Systems: Charles Gaines at Hauser & Wirth 

These Teachers’ Notes by Hauser & Wirth explore themes from Charles Gaines’ work, including Conceptual Art, systems of making, identity politics and nature. They include: 

  • An introduction to artist Charles Gaines and exhibition notes  
  • Practical activity prompts   
  • Ideas for discussion  


Psychological portraits: George Condo at Hauser & Wirth

These Teachers’ Notes by Hauser & Wirth explore themes and processes from George Condo’s work, including painting, portraiture, art history, psychology and music. They include:

  • An introduction to artist George Condo and exhibition notes
  • Practical activity prompts
  • Ideas for discussion

Decoding Approaches to Contemporary Arts 

Showcasing the careers and creative journeys of a variety of talented artists, writers, artist educators, and creatives. Devised for SLG Schools by Jahzel Newell-Marshall as part of the Open Plan traineeship. Includes:

  • Languid Hands (Curators)
  • Shannie Mears (Creative Marketing)
  • Jude Yawson (Poet and Writer)
  • Jez Jacobs (Arist and Designer)
  • Maria Mahfooz (Fine Arts Graduate)
  • Behind the scenes at the SLG


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The SLG’s Schools Programme is supported by Hauser & Wirth, the Art Fund, the Wates Foundation and Charterhouse in Southwark.